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Neha Shukla is an 18-year old serial inventor, social entrepreneur, bestselling author, and AI ethicist passionate about developing technology to create positive change. She is the inventor of SixFeetApart, a wearable social-distancing device using ultrasonic technology to save lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She developed the PA Homeless Guide app to combat homelessness through policy change, interned with NASA to develop Earth-orbiting satellites to protect environmentally vulnerable regions, and developed an AI algorithm for disability inclusion with NVIDIA’s sponsorship. Through her innovations tackling issues in society and climate, Neha has impacted over 15,000 at-risk individuals and raised over $75,000 across her ventures. 

Neha runs global STEM, community impact, and climate innovation workshops to inspire the next generation of youth problem-solvers. Through three years of youth outreach and over 2,500 volunteer hours, Neha has reached over 70,000 students across 35+ countries. She has partnered with organizations like Nestlé, the BiC Corporate Foundation, US Bank, and UN stakeholders for her youth workshops. Aside from her workshops, Neha works alongside companies to encourage youth and female representation in technology. She was part of a national film campaign with Harper’s Bazaar and Olay to usher in a wave of female engineers and inventors on the International Day of Girls in Science. 


Neha wrote and published her bestselling debut book, “Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM” in 2022. Her book encourages youth ingenuity and innovation by channeling ideas into tangible community impact. Her book features interviews with scientists, CEOs, and community leaders, including the Former Advisor to Bill Gates. 


Currently, Neha is passionate about bridging the gap with AI ethics. As the Chair of the World Economic Forum’s Generation AI Youth Council, Neha collaborates with governments and corporations to develop policy for child-safe and ethical artificial intelligence infrastructure. She is also deeply passionate about mobilizing for climate justice and believes that intergenerational collaboration is key for creating climate solutions. She is working alongside the White House to encourage youth participation in STEM fields.


Neha’s work in innovation and community impact has been featured in the New York Times, ABC, Nasdaq billboard in Times Square, Harper’s Bazaar, and Bloomberg. Her work has been recognized by the government, including commendation from President Biden, former President George H.W. Bush, Prince Harry the Duke of Sussex, and the Royal Family. Her work has been supported by Microsoft, SoftBank, Apple, NVIDIA, US Department of Education, and more. She speaks across the world, including at TED, Apple’s headquarters, and at UN stakeholder conferences. 


Neha comes from the small town of Mechanicsburg, PA and is currently a high school senior. She looks forward to pursuing computer science and public policy in college.

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