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Neha Shukla is a 17-year old Teen Scientist & Inventor, STEM Promoter, upcoming author, and changemaker passionate about leveraging science and technology to create positive change in our communities.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Neha saw millions of people becoming ill in her community and around the world. It didn’t seem right to her that a misunderstanding of social distance could cost someone their life.


In March 2020, she created SixFeetApart – a wearable social-distancing device and app that uses the latest developments in ultrasonic technology to alert users when approaching people cross CDC's guidelines of a 6-foot distance. Neha’s efforts in innovation were featured in the New York Times, ABC, the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, and more. Her work was recognized by the late Princess Diana and the Royal Family through the Diana Award as well as by President Biden through the National Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award.


She was also named a 2021 Global Teen Leader, representing the United States for her innovations and outreach.

As Neha continued tackling other real-world problems through her innovations, she realized the gap of young people in innovation. Our world is facing so many global challenges, like COVID-19, climate change, threats to cybersecurity - and we need a collaborative approach to solving these problems, with young people as a part of the dialogue. Neha has been running global Innovation & STEM workshops to inspire the next generation of young problem-solvers and innovators creating solutions to the world’s biggest problems! Neha shares her 4-step innovation framework of “Identify, Innovate, Iterate, and Impact”, teaches students how to channel their passions into solutions for real-world problems through interactive innovation activities, and introduces them to emerging technologies. She has impacted over 50,000 students to-date and hopes to reach over 100,000 students in the next few years. 


Neha’s debut book, a guidebook on innovation & STEM for students and people of all ages, will be released in Spring 2022. The book introduces her 4-step innovation process and details the entire process going from idea to tangible solution, to build an innovation ecosystem with the collaboration of students, schools, and organizations to solve the world’s biggest challenges!

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