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Innovation for everyone:
Solving Real-World Problems with STEM


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Pre-order opened on March 31st to reserve a copy of "Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM". In September, the book will officially launch on Amazon and in all bookstores. 

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Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM

Innovation for Everyone shares the simple, 4-step innovation framework that anyone can use to solve real-world problems and create a positive impact on their communities. It combines already-popular techniques in business innovation and corporate strategy with scientific methods, in a way easy for youth to understand. 

The book guides K-12 students through the process, from brainstorming solutions to prototyping with technologies like Artificial Intelligence, microprocessors, 3D printing, mobile apps, and more, and how they can share their solutions with the community to implement them. The book also features expert interviews with top leaders, like the former advisor to Bill Gates, scientists, CEOs, content creators, Venture Capitalists, community leaders, and more. It also includes interactive worksheets that students can work through to create their own innovations. 

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Through community funding and generous corporate sponsorships, we were able to raise over $7,000 for the publishing process. Thank you for your support!

"anyone can innovate. you just need passion, curiosity, and a bit of persistence to keep going..."
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