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Innovation for Everyone:
Solving Real-World Problems with STEM

Approachable, fun, and practical, Innovation for Everyone is a next-generation guide for students to take action within their communities using innovation.

Young inventor and author, Neha Shukla, is passionate about doing her part to address global challenges with science and technology. Her innovations and outreach are recognized on the New York Times, Nasdaq screen in Times Square, ABC, Harper’s Bazaar, and commended by the Presidential Gold Service Award from President Biden and the Diana Award from the Royal Family.

Her debut book, Innovation for Everyone, details her simple 4-step framework for students to solve real-world problems. It combines already-popular techniques in business innovation and strategy with scientific methods, in a way that’s easy for youth to understand.

The book illustrates the process of creating solutions for students, going from idea to tangible innovation, and includes interactive worksheets to support students in their unique journey.

It features interviews with the Former Advisor to Bill Gates, expert scientists, CEOs, content creators, and community leaders, to spotlight diverse leaders for students to see representation in STEM fields.

Together, we can create a rich innovation ecosystem with the next generation of problem-solvers and companies coming together to create sustainable solutions for a better future.


Amazon #1 Bestseller and #1 New Release

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corporate partners

The launch and distribution of the book is graciously supported by corporate partners, who help fund copies for students in low-income and low-access areas.

Through an ongoing partnership with Microsoft, I'm working to share the frameworks of the book and provide resources for youth through Microsoft's platform in an upcoming project in 2023. Carolina Biological is sponsoring copies of the book for students across the nation and is sharing my fundamentals of innovation in educational materials for hundreds of classrooms nationally. 



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Neha Shukla is a young inventor from Pennsylvania, passionate about leveraging science and technology to create positive change in her community.

Working to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, she invented SixFeetApart, a wearable social-distancing device. Her work is featured on The New York Times, Nasdaq screen in Times Square, ABC, Harper’s Bazaar, and received the Diana Award and Presidential Service Gold Award.

Neha worked alongside leading scientists as a NASA intern to develop Earth-orbiting satellites. Neha’s partnership with the World Economic Forum advocates for safer AI systems for children globally.


Neha continues to run global innovation & problem-solving workshops, reaching over 70,000 students in building the next generation of young innovators and tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

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Early Praise for Innovation for Everyone

Innovation for Everyone is the how-to manual for the new innovation movement. It’s an essential read with groundbreaking strategies and practical solutions for bringing together a generation of youth ready to take action and innovate. The book redefines age-old ideas of who can innovate, and makes innovation into a mindset accessible to all.”

– Maurizio Vecchione
Chief Innovation Officer of the Terasaki Institute of Biomedical Innovation
CEO of Washington Global Health Alliance
Former Advisor to Bill Gates at the Global Good Fund

Innovation for Everyone is a powerful book that helps you take your bold ideas and turn them into tangible innovations. Now is the time to see youth rise up in a movement of problem-solving and community impact, and Neha is leading that change with her inspiring journey that began with Girls With Impact’s Academy. If you’re ready to take action and be a force for positive change in your community, this is the book you need to start today.”

– Jennifer Openshaw
CEO of Girls With Impact, the Business Innovation & Leadership Academy


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