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Running global Innovation & Problem-Solving workshops, seminars, and sessions for students K-12 across the world. I have reached over 70,000 students across 35 countries in the past several years, through partnerships with local organizations, schools in remote areas, and museums. The workshops highlight my simple 4-step process for youth to begin solving problems in their local community, while exposing students to emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and 3D printing as tools to create solutions.


Dame Irene Okwuosa Memorial Convent School (Oraifite, Nigeria)

In partnership with the school's founding organization, the Sir Emeka Okwuosa Foundation, I ran sessions with the girls of the Dame Irene Memorial Convent. For International Women's Day, the foundation gathered 600 girls to learn from my framework of solving community problems with STEM. Through my interactive activities and an open brainstorming session, the girls came up with brilliant ideas and worked on early prototypes. It was an honor to help guide these girls as our future leaders and innovators.

Six hundred students of the Dame Irene Memorial Convent participating in an innovation session.

Jonathan Gloag Academy & Kenya Children's Home (Nairobi, Kenya)

At the request of the Jonathan Gloag Foundation, I hosted innovation sessions with the students of the Jonathan Gloag Academy in Nairobi, Kenya. These images show the celebration of the 20th Annual Career Day event, in which I delivered a keynote session on career possibilities in technology, to 500+ students and 3000 guests gathered at the event. The Jonathan Gloag Academy serves pupils from across Nairobi, and uplifts students from the Kenya Children's Home and Kiberia slums to access a quality education. 

Students at the Jonathan Gloag Academy participating in the 20th Annual Career Day celebrations and attending my keynote innovation session.

Innovation Funding for Low-Income Students from Nestlé and BIC (US)

Collaborating with Girls With Impact, an entrepreneurship and innovation academy for girls, to encourage innovation in girls and low-income communities nationally. Founded innovation competition in partnership with the BIC Corporate Foundation in 2021 to sponsor scholarships for students of color in the DC Metro Area. Led the "Big Ideas, Better World Innovation Challenge" in partnership with Nestlé to sponsor a $5,000 prize for low-income students to bring their ideas to life. 

Launching the "Big Ideas, Better World Innovation Challenge" alongside Nestlé and Girls With Impact to encourage youth innovation and sponsor scholarships.


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I'm passionate about sharing my experiences as a young female inventor of color and advocating for more diverse voices in technology, through both written and film journalism. Through writing blogs, publishing an Amazon-bestselling book, and being featured in press, I have been working to encourage youth and especially girls of youth of color, to contribute their voices and imagination towards global problem-solving and innovation. With collective voices demanding equity, our generation can reimagine a more inclusive and innovative future and I hope to be at the forefront of that movement. 


Diana Award

We Need More Girls in Science: International Day of Women & Girls in Science


World Economic Forum

Generation AI: Designing the Future of Artificial Intelligence for Children



Innovation Without Impact Is Just an Idea: Microsoft Celebrating National STEM Day


Writing and Publishing My Debut Book

In September 2022, I released my debut book, Innovation for Everyone: Solving Real-World Problems with STEM. The book shares my personal experiences with innovation and details my simple 4-step framework for students to tackle problems in their local communities.


The book features interviews with diverse experts in technology, including the Former Advisor to Bill Gates, sharing advice and unique career paths for a diverse generation of youth aspiring to make an impact. To help foster the young innovator in each reader, the book also comes with a large section of worksheets and interactive activities for students to go through the innovation process as they read. 

Within the first few weeks of release, I'm grateful that the book was named a #1 Amazon Bestseller and #1 Amazon New Release in four categories. I'm now partnering with Microsoft and Carolina Biological to share my book with under-resourced youth across the world to build a new generation of youth fighting for a more sustainable future.




As a young inventor working to tackle issues in my community, I'm excited to use my platform and voice to advocate for corporate support for youth just like me and bring diversity and youth innovation to the forefront for companies and institutions. I hope to bring representation of youth, female, and people of color changemakers to a larger scale through working with companies, speaking at conferences, and being a part of media campaigns. I'm working to advocate for critical issues facing our generation, highlighting the impacts of climate change, educational disparities, and the lack of accessible healthcare, while emphasizing the need for youth involvement in solving today's challenges. 


Fireside Chat with Tim Cook & Karlie Kloss

Invited to Apple's headquarters in Soho, New York to speak alongside Karlie Kloss, supermodel and founder of Kode with Klossy, to share my journey within technology to the audience gathered at the Apple auditorium. I also spoke in an exclusive fireside chat with Karlie Kloss and Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, presenting a demo of my app and my efforts with encouraging more girls to pursue technology to solve community challenges. It was incredible to hear Tim Cook's kind words and support for my solutions and to be have an opportunity to advocate for girls' education with leaders like them. 


Harper's Bazaar x Olay National STEM Campaign

Featured in national Harper’s Bazaar campaign sponsored by Olay for the International Day of Girls in STEM through a mini-documentary, article, and photoshoot. Olay commissioned a statue of Mary Golda Ross, the first Indigenous woman aerospace engineer, celebrating the progress of women innovators but also recognizing the massive gender gap in technology. The campaign also highlighted four young women in STEM fields, and I represented the S in STEM. I shared my journey within science and technology, urging companies to take action in creating a new generation of girls pursuing scientific research through mentorship and corporate support. 

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