Innovations & PROJECTS

SixFeetApart Collage.png


(2020) As millions of people became infected with COVID-19 around the world and I saw the direct impact of the pandemic on my community, I invented SixFeetApart. SixFeetApart is a wearable social-distancing device that utilizes the latest developments in ultrasonic technology to detect when an approaching person comes within the 6-foot detection range. SixFeetApart effectively guides social distancing according to the CDC's guidelines in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

MobileMe Collage.png


(2021) Adults older than 65 years of age suffer the greatest number of fatal falls because of age-related mobility loss. To solve this problem, I invented MobileMe, a device and app that proactively prevents mobility loss and falls in the elderly. MobileMe uses real-time analysis of gait data collected through a microprocessor device through AI to mitigate fall risk and mobility loss in the elderly. 

Water Purification Collage.png

Water Purification

(2019) Conducted a lab study to optimize various water purification methods and created a prototype for a method to purify river water to be used as drinking water in developing countries. Used microbiological procedures and chemical studies to investigate purification methods such as activated carbon, micro-filtration, UV disinfection, and natural coagulants to remove impurities. 

PA Homeless Guide App

(2021) Developed an iOS app as an all-in-one solution to combat homelessness in Pennsylvania and across the nation. The app caters to people experiencing homelessness and allies supporting the cause, providing crucial information, location-specific donation and shelter resources, and policy causes to advance legislation. Presented the app demo Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, and Kode with Klossy's CEO, Karlie Kloss, at Apple's Headquarters in Soho, New York.


NASA Internship

(2022) As part of NASA internship, collaborated with leading NASA engineers and esteemed professors to develop a proposal for a novel Earth-orbiting satellite that uses remote sensing, fluorosensing, and infrared spectroscopy to alert wildlife authorities and response units of emerging wildfires, oceanic oil spills, and major carbon emitters from industrial facilities. Worked on both satellite mission design, hardware dynamics, and orbital mechanics. Presenting our team's research at the prestigious American Geophysical Union scientific conference in Chicago. 

Website - NVIDIA AI Device.png

NVIDIA AI for Accessibility

(2022) In collaboration with NVIDIA, developed a prototype AI algorithm and edge computing device as an enterprise technology to make public places more inclusive for people with hearing disabilities. Using highly powerful NVIDIA Jetson Nano device to host machine learning and image processing algorithms, certified as an NVIDIA AI and Machine Learning Specialist.

Website - World Economic Forum AI Council Slide.png

World Economic Forum

(2022) Working with the World Economic Forum's inaugural Generation AI Youth Council, collaborating with governments, corporations, and educational institutions to advocate for child-safe AI systems. Launched the AI for Children Toolkit on the WEF site, spoke in strategic webinars, collaborated with the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, penned blogs on the intersection of AI and education. Currently working on policy change for safer, fairer, and more inclusive AI algorithms to protect children's rights.